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Macau’s grand master returns home to set up shop

Posted by Kimberly on October 8, 2008

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
October 08, 2008 (1,015 words)

The thing you wonder when you meet Carter Wong for the first time is that he couldn’t possibly be the 61 years he claims.
This, he attributes to several things, not least of which is his training in Wudang Chi-kung, a teaching similar to that of Tai Chi, which is said to prolong life expectancy, strengthen the immune system and improve vitality and youth.
The Macau-born and raised grand master is perhaps best known in the general public for having starred alongside Kurt Russell in ‘Big Trouble in Little China’. Carter played the character of Thunder, a henchman working for the sorcerer Lo Pan.
Having acted in well over 100  films during the course of his career, Carter even worked with Golden Harvest, a dominant film production company that had helped produce Bruce Lee’s ‘Enter the Dragon’. Not to mention providing fight choreography lessons to the likes of Matt Damon as well as William Shatner during Star Trek.
Fast forward 20-odd years and and Wong’s resume could impress even the most cynical of martial arts followers: World Muay-Thai champion, 7th Dan black belt Go-Ju-Ryu Karate-Do Seitokukai, 8th Dan International Martial Arts Federation, Kung-Fu Master.
Carter was, in fact, the first person to teach karate in Macau, back in 1968. Read the rest of this entry »


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Britain’s Olympic taekwondo trio in with a fighting chance

Posted by Kimberly on August 1, 2008

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
August 1, 2008 (667 words)

None of Britain’s three taekwondo Olympic athletes have ever been knocked out in a tournament, with 25-year-old Sarah Stevenson stating, “that’s why we’re good!”
So good in fact, that Stevenson currently has a tattoo on her left foot to represent each of her two wins as European and world champion.
But that doesn’t mean any of them expect that to remain the case, especially when facing the likes of the United States’ Steven Lopez, two-time Olympic champion.
Stevenson’s quick to add, “anyone can get knocked out. You can make a mistake or they could do something good. I wouldn’t say anything bad about anyone who’d been knocked out,” she admits.
Speaking with the media yesterday at the Westin Resort, Macau, the taekwondo team were joined by their Cuban coach, Nelson Miller and Performance Director Gary Hall, who was quick to applaud the local facilities as being first class.
“We’ve come a long way in terms of preparation,” says Hall, adding that the team’s realistic Olympic expectation was obtaining a medal. Read the rest of this entry »

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