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Making a synchronised effort for Olympic glory

Posted by Kimberly on August 1, 2008

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
August 01, 2008 (496 words)

It’s taken Britain about 16 years, but the nation’s finally got their first Olympic synchronised swimming duet in 18-year-old Olivia Allison and 19-year-old Jenna Randall.
The two teenagers spoke to the media yesterday at the Westin Resort, Macau, about the changed perception of the sport and its true difficulties.
“Everyday, we’re training full time,” says Allison, adding that “all we do is eat, sleep and train.”
To be more precise, the girls are required to practise up to seven hours a day for six days a week, during this crucial period, although not all of this is intense, with practice involving different phases of training.
“We’re a lot fitter!” says Randall, who explained that they used to achieve scores in the “low 7’s at the European Championships” but were now achieving high 8’s to low 9’s, “so we’ve improved by a whole category of marks.”
And as far as the girls’ Performance Director, Biz Price is concerned, this is only the beginning.
“I think they have another two years to go” before become ‘really fit”, she says and Randall agrees, adding that “I feel pretty fit at the moment but for my sport, I’m not that great yet.”
Biz explains that, despite public opinion on the sport’s place as an Olympic event, the amount of work that is required of the girls is far more than simple twirls and spins. Read the rest of this entry »


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