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The only way is up for Kirby and Co.

Posted by Kimberly on March 13, 2008

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
March 13, 2008 (475 words)

Dr Robert Kirby’s new initiative Upward Bound Unlimited (UBU) was officially launched yesterday afternoon during an introductory session at the head office in Nape.
With partner, New Zealander Ron Stier on board, the group is setting out to entice Macau residents to venture outdoors.
“We are targeting three markets,” said Dr Kirby, which were the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) market, local companies, both small and medium sized and the “future leaders” as he called them.
Of the first group, he explained, “in 2007, just 1 percent of those 27 million visitors entering Macau came for MICE events and that is a huge potential,” who tend to request full or half day sessions of team building.
Of the second group, Dr Kirby said he wanted to help them with “RRD: Recruitment, retention and development.”
finally, those “future leaders,” refers to juniors, who he wanted to nurture as part of their outdoor challenge program. Read the rest of this entry »


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Overcoming the killing tendency with kindness

Posted by Kimberly on November 15, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
November 15, 2007 (1,091 words)

Nancy Thomas is one of those innocuous women you’d see walking down a street. Yet what separates her  from the masses happens to be something so unique and special, you would never view her in the same ordinary light again.

Nancy, along with her husband Jerry, have shared their lives and home for over 30 years, with severely emotionally disturbed children dealing with attachment problems.

“I specialise with children who have killed,” she said, adding that 90 percent of the children who live with her are in that category.

With an 87 percent success rate, the children live at the couple’s ranch, “to give them an opportunity to heal their hearts and brains.”

It is at this point that Nancy explains about the idea of a conscience, adding that it is not something we are born with, that “when they [the children] don’t have a conscience, they don’t feel bad when they do bad things.

“A conscience is developed through a relationship and these children have a problem with relationships,” referring to the problem as “attachment disorder. Read the rest of this entry »

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Occupational Health seminar focuses on construction worker safety

Posted by Kimberly on October 24, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
October 24, 2007, page 4 (215 words)

The 15th Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau Academic Seminar on Occupation Health was held yesterday at the Macau Tower to “allow experts and scholars to assemble and share experience and knowledge,” said Mr Shuen Ka-hung, Director of the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL).
He added that occupation health had become one of the most talked-about topics in many different industries.
“People are now getting more and more conscious about how to guarantee their work safety and health,” he said.
He gave Macau’s boom in gaming and its subsequent rise in construction workers as an examples, stating, “the coming of foreign investors has impacted on the quality of prevention work, management and monitoring systems of occupational health.”
This year’s seminar was hosted and organised by DSAL with the aim being to promote the significance of accidents prevention at work by exploring effective measures to improve occupational health conditions.
Topics discussed at the seminar included occupational health policies, management and monitoring, education and training, promotion and safety facilities as well as the safety of construction workers.
A total of 70 dissertations were collected from the attendees, with 60 of them chosen to be presented for discussion at the seminar.
Participating scholars included those from the government, professional organisations, and business and trade associations, with 260 people attending.

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Ripples begins work with expat stress seminar

Posted by Kimberly on October 21, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
October 21, 2007, page 4 (560 words)

Ripples Psychology Ensemble held their first seminar on dealing with expat stress at Bookachino yesterday.
The new formed practice has been looking into a variety of ways to help Macau residents deal with personal and professional issues.
The seminar looked at the effects of moving to a new country, dealing with a language that is unfamiliar, strange sights and sounds and cultural difference that me be difficult to understand.
Led by Pia Astrup, a Danish qualified health psychologist and nurse, it touched on issues that were close to the hearts of new Macau residents, Joe and Jennifer.
“Moving to any new place, it’s not home until you make it home,” said Jennifer, who added that “it’s just the classic case of adjusting in an expat world.”
Having resided in Macau for the past ten months, she admitted that the problems were numerous rather than singular.
“For me it’s that I’m not working and my husband is away a lot,” she said, adding “the climate, the pollution, lack of clean green space” to the list, which she laughingly said was “pretty long.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Cutting through the psycho-babble

Posted by Kimberly on October 14, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
October 14, 2007, page 6 (877 words)

The potential for new business in Macau is unquestionable and those with vision are snapping up the opportunities. One of those companies is Ripples Psychological Ensemble, Macau’s newest, and only, psychological practice.
It’s headed up by Macau-born Dr Kay Chang, a California licensed clinical psychologist, who explained that “knowing Macau has this big gap and need for psychological services is something I wanted to bring back.’
Kay, who also maintains a clinic in Hong Kong, added that the opportunity also provided space for a practise of a more integrated approach.
“We want to use the laws and the impact of psychology to make a difference, positive changes and the name Ripples is also an iconic image of that,” she said, suggesting that the positive changes will begin from ideas the team have, which will have a life of its own.
Stanley Braganza, the practice’s psychological assistant added that the goal was to bring the best of various disciplines.
“A lot of people tend to focus on the problems,” he said, believing that it was necessary to have a more holistic perspective.
The practice began a year ago with the public being informed of available services in January this year. Read the rest of this entry »

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