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Meteorological Bureau issues earliest ever typhoon warning

Posted by Kimberly on April 18, 2008

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
April 18, 2008 (318 words)

The Macau Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) yesterday issued a tropical cyclone warning for typhoon ‘Neoguri’, the earliest period at which such warnings have ever been issued.
With the signal No. 1 being hoisted at 6:am yesterday morning, the warning forecasted strong rain and winds ad was heading toward Sanya City, in southern Hainan.
The signal at No. 1 showed that the centre of the tropical cyclone was less than 800 kilometres by 5:00 pm last evening from Macau and could later affect the peninsula.
It was packing winds of up to 126 kilometres per hour.
The Bureau said the centre of the typhoon would move north-westward at a speed of 15 km per hour and may hit the southern coast of Hainan this afternoon or tomorrow morning, or skim over the offshore areas.
The Bureau urged ships and boats to return to shore and local residents to take precautions against the typhoon.
Neoguri, the first tropical storm to hit this year, was formed in the South China Sea on Tuesday. It strengthened into a typhoon on Wednesday afternoon.
Last year two typhoons were identified, one in August and the other in September.
The former had signals hoisted till No. 3 while the latter only reached the No.1 signal.
Historical data for typhoons from the Bureau has been published only since 1968, the earliest such data has been recorded.
April 23 had previously been the earliest record of a typhoon heading towards Macau, which occurred in 1978.
Since the conception of such data, the Bureau has recorded a total of four typhoons that have had the No. 10 signal hoisted, the highest signal possible.
For the No. 1 signal, safety recommendations include checking the safety of objects which might be carried or destroyed by the winds such as fences, scaffoldings, flower pots, antennae (aerials ). Residents are advised to keep boats and small crafts in the nearby shelters.


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