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A collection of articles created during my stint as a journalist at The Macau Daily Times

Macau International Music Festival saw a 92 percent success rate

Posted by Kimberly on November 15, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
November 15, 2007 (479 words)

With the Macau International Music Festival a successful part of recent history, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (ICM) chose to comment to the Macau Daily Times on the festival’s successes, failures and future, stating that the budget was this year’s festival had been 17.5 million patacas.

“I think we achieved what we had expected with this year’s festival,” said Mr Charles Lam, Chief of Special Projects Division, adding that perhaps one or two performances had not worked as well as expected, although he neglected to mention which ones.

Of the ones the ICM felt had been successful, the opera Rigoletto and the musical Grease were the two at the top.

Of the former, he said, “I think the production was quite new for the Macau audience and people liked it,” while for the latter, “we had the most participation from the audience.”

 He added that for the rest, “o f course we’ll make some revision and take lessons and try to learn more from the responses from the audience.”

The other part of success came via the outdoor performances at Mount Fortress.

“It was a very good atmosphere and showed that the unique location and presentation worked. It’s not easy to find a place that combines such good performers somewhere in Asia and we did it,’ he said.

 As for what was new for this year’s performers, he said the puppet performance of Don Giovanni could be seen as that, not to mention the post-modern performance of Kimmo, something the ICM have tried to introduce in the past three years, including Ryuichi Sakamoto last year.

Apparently things are already proceeding with next year’s festival, “and some of them are under very serious contacting and discussion,” said Mr Lam.

This year’s festival also included an open-ended questionnaire, “and we will analyse the opinions from the public and try to make next year’s more successful,” he added.

“One thing we can guarantee is that the high quality performers and big names will show up next year,’ he said, adding that with regards to ticket sales, “over 92 percent of tickets were sold or more than 15,000 tickets, “but this was only part of the festival attendance because we had many performers outdoors and in the church which were free.”

The Icm will also look to try and include more world heritage sites in next year’s program but that this would depend on the style of the performance.

He also mentioned that there had been some difficulties in getting performers for this year, mainly due to the fact that their tours, such as those concerning famous orchestras, did not coincide with a visit to Asia.

“Even if we had the idea to introduce some big names of famous orchestras, it would be too hard because of the budget for a single orchestra being too high for the whole festival,” said Mr Lam.



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