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IIUM Rector Ruben Cabral appointed for second four-year term

Posted by Kimberly on November 2, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
November 2, 2007, page 6 (303 words)


IIUM Rector Ruben Cabral was appointed for a second four-year term yesterday during a ceremony at the Macau Cultural Centre.
In addition, a new leadership team was also announced, including Keith Morrison as Vice-Rector for Educational Edevlopent; Jose Alves for Academic Affairs and Ivo Carneiro de Sousa for Research and International Relations, while The reverend Professor Dennis Rochford (Msc) was appointed as Deputy Rector.
The ceremony was presided over by The Most Reverend Bishop of Macau and by Professor Manuel Braga da Cruz, Rector of the Catholic University of Portugal (UPC).
During his speech at the ceremony Professor Cruz said, “during the ceremony, when I admitted him into office for his first term as Rector, I expressed, fervently, our confidence, in his capacity,” referring to Professor Cabral.
In his speech following that of Professor Cruz’s, Professor Cabral said that he was grateful to the governments and institutions of Macau, “for their generous assistance and demonstrated appreciation for the work already done and for the increased potential of our university.”
He added that “China and even Asia, are the new frontiers, where the future meets the present and tomorrow beckons as an unremitting challenge.”
He added that “we must oppose research designed solely for the advancement of careers in academia. We must embrace research.
“We have been successful in magnifying the art of doing more. Now we must democratise the art of knowing better.
Finally, he said that our years ago, he regarded all our higher learning institutions in Macau “not as competitors, but as partners in the wonderful adventures of science, and I do so again.”
Meanwhile, Reverend Canon Luis Xavier will continue as Administrator; Professor Richard Whitfield as Pro-rector for Organisational Development; the Reverend Luis Sequeira SJ as Pro-rector for Identity and Mission and Mr Antonio Trindade as Pro-rector for Campus Development.


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