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The Black Eyed Peas get down to some monkey business

Posted by Kimberly on October 28, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times

October 28, 2007, page 1 & 2 (637 words)

The Black Eyed Peas rocked the Venetian Arena last night as part of their Black, Blue and You tour, to the tune of 15,000 screaming fans only after arriving on stage 45 minutes later than their 8.30pm time-slot. There was no mention from the group as to the reasons why, once they came on stage, nor were there any apologies.
Yet, with the concert booked out, it was still guaranteed to be a moment in Macau’s history, which began with Will.i.am’s statement of ‘what happens in Macau stays in Macau.’
And the Peas didn’t disappoint, singing most of their favourite songs and even some from the solo albums of Fergie and Will.i.am.
Of course starting with a song like ‘My Humps’ was always going to get the party started. Yet the Macau audience seemed to be a little slow in warming up to the group’s efforts to raise the roof. Perhaps it was a case of not believing such an event was finally taking place here.
Fergie’s rendition of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ was almost as good as the the Gunners’ original while the Peas’ rendition of ‘Shut Up’ saw the song take on a more funky and fast-paced sound.
In fact, this song was the only one that the group changed in any way, preferring to sing the rest true to form.
It’s comforting to hear performers be true to their songs’ original take, as many seem to feel the need to change the concept when they get on stage for a live concert, and this doesn’t always work.
Soon after the end of ‘Shut Up’, an artist from the Philippines took to the stage to sing a Filipino song that gave him a thunderous response from the audience, with a fair amount of them appearing to be form the Philippines.
A few Peas songs into the concert, and the solo songs began, with Will.i.am talking about the fact that, even though Fergie, himself and apl.de.ap had either brought out solo albums or were about to, didn’t mean the Black Eyed Peas were “breaking up.”
With the first solo album song being Will.i.am’s ‘I Got It From My Mama’, the barrage of others, mainly from Fergie’s solo effort The Duchess, began, including ‘London Bridge’, ‘Fergilicious’, ‘Glamourous’ and ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ which she sang brilliantly and which seemed to get the most applause, whistles and screams from the audience.
Those of note within the audience members were Mark brown, president of Sands Macao and The Venetian Macao Resort and Reggie Martin, Macau’s U.S. Warden.
The Peas were insistent on leaving before their “11pm flight” with Will.i.am saying something along the lines of “we will definitely be back but for that to happen, we have to go.”
With the concert being the first one shown at the Venetian Arena, it was difficult to say whether the methods behind the madness were a success. The lines to get into the Arena seemed endless at one stage, with many people milling around in the resort’s foyer even after the supposed 8.30pm start of the performance.
There had been no mention of patrons not being allowed to take in any food or beverage, nor of the fact that facilities to purchase these, including beer, would be made available once they passed the security checkpoints.
These were the same sort of security checks that are done when one enters a casino and seemed to occur at a fast enough pace not to hinder anyone’s progress into the Arena.
So, despite a few hiccups at the gate, a late beginning and a slow warm up by the crowd, the Black Eyed Peas were history-makers last night, showing that Macau knew how to get down to monkey business when it mattered. Where is the love? Right here in Macau!


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