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IOC President refuses comment on Macau’s IOC member role

Posted by Kimberly on October 27, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
October 27 2007, page 5 (260 words)

After a delay of more than five hours, due to foggy weather in Beijing, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacque Rogge finally landed in Macau just after 7pm, only to stress that his visit had nothing to do with Macau’s possible acceptance as a member of the IOC.
“You should not mix the two issues. My visit is a visit of courtesy, it’s for interest of sport. It has nothing to do with possible recognition of the International Olympic Committee,” he said.
He continued with saying, “we are interested in new developments in sport and this is s a new concept: the concept of the indoor sport and it’s something we need to learn from.”
The idea of lesson learnt was the only issue Dr Rogge was willing to speak on, saying “we want to see what Macau is doing and I think it’s quite an interesting experiment. I do not mean by that, that the IOC will copy that but every development in sport is important for us.”
Dr Rogge has been President of the IOC since he took over the role from Juan Antonio Samaranch in 2001, with the latter having led the IOC since 1980.
Under Dr Rogge’s leadership, the IOC has afforded developing countries the possibility of a chance to bid on and host the Olympic Games.
He was the first IOC President to stay in the athlete’s village at the 2002 Athen’s Games and, perhaps, more controversially, all three Olympic Games Dr Rogge has presided over, have begun with athlete’s pledging an oath against doing.


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  1. Idazb said

    well done, man

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