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A collection of articles created during my stint as a journalist at The Macau Daily Times

Occupational Health seminar focuses on construction worker safety

Posted by Kimberly on October 24, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
October 24, 2007, page 4 (215 words)

The 15th Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau Academic Seminar on Occupation Health was held yesterday at the Macau Tower to “allow experts and scholars to assemble and share experience and knowledge,” said Mr Shuen Ka-hung, Director of the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL).
He added that occupation health had become one of the most talked-about topics in many different industries.
“People are now getting more and more conscious about how to guarantee their work safety and health,” he said.
He gave Macau’s boom in gaming and its subsequent rise in construction workers as an examples, stating, “the coming of foreign investors has impacted on the quality of prevention work, management and monitoring systems of occupational health.”
This year’s seminar was hosted and organised by DSAL with the aim being to promote the significance of accidents prevention at work by exploring effective measures to improve occupational health conditions.
Topics discussed at the seminar included occupational health policies, management and monitoring, education and training, promotion and safety facilities as well as the safety of construction workers.
A total of 70 dissertations were collected from the attendees, with 60 of them chosen to be presented for discussion at the seminar.
Participating scholars included those from the government, professional organisations, and business and trade associations, with 260 people attending.


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