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Typhoon to blame for September rain

Posted by Kimberly on October 18, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
October 18, 2007, page 2 (465 words)

September appeared to be in line with the oscillation that seems to have taken place over the past few months in terms of rainfall. While June produced an incredible amount of rain, July was barely a fraction, with August returning to rainy season weather and September producing a quarter of the preceding month’s figure.
September’s total rainfall was 84.4mm as opposed to August’s 343.8mm. August saw the effects of typhoon Sepat around the 11th, resulting in most of that’s month’s rainfall.
September had typhoon Francisco to thank for the largest proportion of rainfall between the 23rd and 25th of that month.
Other than those two days, last month only saw rainfall of 21.4mm and 0.4mm on September 4 and 9 respectively.
September’s winds predominantly arrived from the north, with average wind speed over the month of 12.9 km/h.
September 23 was the month’s windiest day, occurring just prior to typhoon Francisco, recording a wind speed of 29km/h. Meanwhile, the lowest wind speed occurred on September 17, at 6km/h.
This compares with August’s windiest day at 23km/h and least windiest day at 6km/h.
The average sea level pressure for September was 1008.0 hectoPascals (hPa) up from August’s average of 1004.4 hPa and July’s level of 1007.2 hPa.
The average monthly temperature for September saw a maximum of 30.6 degrees and a minimum of 25.4 degrees.
This was almost identical to that of August, with the average maximum temperature recorded for August being 30.9 degrees while the average minimum was 25.7 degrees.
September’s hottest day occurred on the 15th recording an average of 29.0 degrees, lower than that of the previous month’s hottest day, at 30.5 degrees. The month’s coolest day, on September 24, was 25.0 degrees compared with August’s 25.2 degrees. The cooler weather last month correlated with the effects of typhoon Francisco, with the highest day of humidity, at 92 percent, also occurring on this day.
The Bureau measures the number of hours of bright sunshine on a daily basis and shows a total of 152.4 hours in the month of September, slightly lower than that of the preceding month (165.7 hours).
September saw a total of four days with no sunshine, less than half that recorded for August, which recorded a total of ten days.
Those days tended, for the most part, to correlate with period of rainfall. Meanwhile, both September 13 and 27 saw the highest number of hours with sunshine, recording 10.6 hours each, although not as high as August’s 12.3 hours.
Despite the seeming rise in the average humidity recorded over July (79.0 percent) and August (83.5 percent), September saw this decreased to an average of 74.9 percent.
As is predictable, September’s most humid days, at 92 percent, occurred on the month’s rainiest, between September 24 (23.2 mm) and 25 (32.8mm).


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