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A collection of articles created during my stint as a journalist at The Macau Daily Times

GCA confirms signing of MGM Grand

Posted by Kimberly on October 18, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
October 18, 2007, page 4 (262 words)

Global Cash Access Holdings, Inc. (GCA) had hinted to The Macau Daily Times in July at the possibility of MGM coming on-board to obtain the services of the gaming industry’s leading provider of cash access services, Central Credit.
The company confirmed this yesterday, adding that five Macau casinos, Sands, Venetian, Wynn, Galaxy and MGM, either currently use the system or are gearing up to do so.
According to the release provided, “Central Credit offers a proprietary database of gaming patron credit history and transaction data designed to help casinos improve their own credit-making decisions.”
Said Kurt Sullivan, Executive VP, Central Credit and Check Services at GCA, “Central Credit includes the records of several million gaming patrons who live in or travel to the Asia Pacific region.
“The proprietary information contained in the Central Credit database helps casinos make smart credit decisions, such as whether and how much house credit to extend, and also helps in check cashing decisions.
“The expansion of Central Credit usage in Macau only increases the robustness of the already rich database,” he added.
Some of the Macau casinos, including The Venetian Macao, are now using a full suite of cash access services offered by GCA in Macau. Those services include GCA’s QuikCash kiosks that provide patrons with access to credit card cash advance and debit card withdrawal transactions; ATMs that have slot ticket redemption, bill-breaking and other casino-specific functions; and GCA’s QuikCashPlus Web browser, which helps casino cashiers streamline transactions and improve customer service. Earlier this year, GCA opened a full-time office and product demonstration facility in Macau.


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