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AESIEAP brings power to the people with CEO conference

Posted by Kimberly on October 12, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
October 12, 2007, page 5 (571 words)

The opening ceremony of the AESIEAP CEO Conference 2007 was held at Macau Tower yesterday morning.
Jointly held by CEM (Macau Electricity Company) and AESIEAP (The Association of Electricity Supply Industry of East Asia and Western Pacific), this year’s theme is ‘New Trends in the Power Sector – Solutions for the Quality of Life’ and is a prelude for the 17th Conference of the Electric Power Supply Industry (CEPSI 2008) to be held in Macau October next year.
Among those invited to officiate at the event were Mr Arnaldo Santos, Director of the Office for the Development of the Energy Sector of Macau, representing the Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Mr Vaz Marcelino, President of AESIEAP and CEM CEO, Mr Edward Chen.
In his speech at the opening ceremony, Mr Santos said, “nowadays, power industries around the world are confronted with the increasingly complex operating environment a a result of stiff market competition.”
He added that the climate change issue is one closely related to the industry, “thereby intensifying the worldwide quest for remedies or solutions to face these challenges and overcome the difficulties.”
Of Macau’s situation he said that robust economic growth had been driving a significant increase in energy consumption, with the industry facing a myriad of challenges.
Thus the local industry’s goals were outlined as including an introduction of cleaner energies to reduce emissions, achieving diversification, as well as taking measures to guarantee a secure and stable supply of electricity.
Mr Marcelino expressed his thoughts on the importance of the conference, pointing out that delegates from countries as far as New Zealand and Thailand were in Macau to exchange ideas and opinions.
He added in his speech to welcome the delegates that technologies providing low carbon power generation were of key importance, “alongside improvements in thermal efficiency and the introduction of technologies to capture and store carbon dioxide.”
Of global warming he said it wasn’t just a problem for Asia Pacific but a global one and that there were some area that felt the effect more than others.
“It’s not just the electricity company that’s harmful to the environment. Three years ago CEM installed insulators to reduce emissions which have been drastically reduced since then.
“Things take time so it’s not just a matter of pressing a button and having it done form one day to the next.”
He set out industry challenges as including deregulation and privatisation, the rise of oil prices and the concern with climate change and energy sustainability.
How the power sector respond to these challenges will affect aspiration for the future quality of life.
Topics that will be covered over the two day event include the security of electricity supply and generation technology for a low carbon economy.
Various renowned industry practitioners will be invited to speak from Asia, Europe and the United States, with over 100 experts, scholars and representatives participating in the conference.
AESIEAP was founded in 1975 with its main objective including facilitating exchange of expertise between electric power companies of various countries and territories in the region and seeking solutions to challenges the industry faces in this area of the world.
At present there are 17 member countries and regions, 62 full members companies and 18 associate members in AESIEAP.
CEPSI is instrumental in the regional industry development, where biennially, the exhibition gathers thousands of worldwide professionals to share a wealth of experience and knowledge on best practices.


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