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August: It was humid and a lot wetter

Posted by Kimberly on October 4, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
October 4, 2007, page 4 (430 words)

Macau saw a return to rainy season weather in August with total rainfall of 343.8mm falling over the course of the month, a significant change from July’s 39.2mm, according to figures provided by the Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau.
The high increase in rainfall was due to tropical cyclone Pabuk which saw the number 3 signal hoisted.
The days with the highest rainfall recorded occurred between August 6 and 11, where 167.8mm or 49 percent fell.
Additionally, Macau only had seven days without any rainfall whatsoever while July had 21 days without rainfall.
The highest rainfall recorded in one day occurred on August 10 which saw 54.8mm or rainfall.
This was a significant change from July’s highest rainfall at 16.0mm but nowhere near June’s highest day of rainfall, at 177.4mm.
The prevailing direction of wind in August seemed to occur south-easterly, with the average wind speed for August recorded at 12.4km/h.
This wasn’t much different to July’s average of 15.0km/h which was mainly in a southerly direction.
The highest average wind speed recorded on any one day occurred on August 9 at 23km/h.
Average relative humidity for August was recorded at 83.5 percent with the highest humidity recorded on August 10 at 94 percent.
This was in stark contrast to July’s average humidity, recorded as being 79.0 percent, largely due to the low rainfall levels.
Last month’s least humid days, at 73 percent, occurred on August 2 and 3, coinciding with a lack of rainfall.
Meanwhile, July’s least humid day was recorded at 73 percent while its most humid was 91 percent.
August received a total of 167.7 hours of sunshine, almost half the hours recorded for July, which had a total of 314.2 hours.
The highest hours of sunshine recorded in one day was 12.3 on August 3. Last month also recorded 10 days with no hours of sunshine which generally tended to correlate with the days of highest rainfall levels.
The average dew point for August was 24.7 degrees Celsius compared with July’s 25.0 degrees Celsius.
The average sea level pressure for August was recorded at 1004.4 hectoPascals, hardly a change from July’s average of 1007.2 hectoPascals.
Finally, August saw an average temperature of 27.9 degrees Celsius, a slight reduction from July’s 29.1 degrees Celsius.
The highest average temperature in one day occurred on August 4, at 30.5 degrees Celsius while the lowest was on August 10 and 18, at 24.2 degrees Celsius.
This was also reflected in July’s hottest day of 30.5 degrees Celsius but little change compared with the month’s lowest average, at 26.6 degrees Celsius.


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