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UMAC and UNESP begin law and social sciences seminar

Posted by Kimberly on October 31, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
October 31, 2007, page 6 (403 words)

The University of Macau (UMAC), in collaboration with São Paulo State University (UNESP) began the first of a two-day series of talks yesterday, the objective of which was to offer a comprehensive perspective and insight into the social, political, legal and economical states of Brazil, China and Macau.
Yesterday’s seminar focussed on the political models of the three areas, as well as the legal frameworks, economic models, international trade, land modernisation and urbanisation.
The talks comprise 21 speakers, with ten being from Brazil and the rest from Macau.
Speaking to Professor Fernando Fernandes, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law from UNESP yesterday, he said, “it’s very important to have the correct initiative to organise this kind of conference between participants of Macau and those of Brazil, with the objective to establish the link between the two countries,” he said, adding that they had come together to discuss similar interests and share the same concerns.
“We think it’s a very important priority that we take these actions, especially in the Social Science, Legal and Humanities areas. Brazil is a new country but we have many things to learn from China,” he said, adding that “Macau is a platform of this change between China and Portuguese-speaking countries so at the university we take these initiatives to bring attention to these kinds of issues.” Read the rest of this entry »


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Six decades of hitting the right notes

Posted by Kimberly on October 31, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
October 31, 2007, page 2 (973 words)

Born in Lisbon, Portuguese pianist Maria Joao Pires played her first public concert at the age of four. And now, 59 years later, she’s about ready to play her last.
“I’m just wanting to stop,” she said during a press conference at the Macao Cultural Centre yesterday.
“It was never a real choice. Not in terms of playing music. Of course it was a choice and I loved it, all my life. But it was not a choice to play concerts and to be a concert pianist, to play in public.
“Because it was not a choice, it was somehow always something where I had to force myself,” she said, adding that her passion lies with education and social projects that involve children.
“That’s what I really love to do,” and she has certainly made inroads in that direction, having founded a centre in Portugal called Belgais Centre for Study of the Arts ten years ago, after some study into education.
“The main idea was to create a centre where you would look for many different ways of putting arts into the daily lives of people,” she said, directing this more towards schools that were disadvantaged, “with children that had real problems, such as delinquency.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Grease: musical performed like a finely tuned machine

Posted by Kimberly on October 29, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
October 29, 2007, page 5 (434 words)


Those that intend to watch Grease-The Musical tonight at the Cultural Centre should be warned that if you’re expecting a copy of the popular movie, then think again.
The production follows the original ideas of Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey who wrote the musical in 1970.
The matinee performance yesterday was packed and the audience immediately got into the show, clapping along to the popular radio tunes.
A few brave people took to the stage with compere Vince Fontaine, who tried his best to warm up the audience and to a large extent, managed to succeed.
The audience was definitely more receptive early on, something that isn’t usually the case in Macau.
There were some scenes that seemed misplaced when all there is to compare it to is the movie, such as The song ‘Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee’ which as sung much later in the show. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Black Eyed Peas get down to some monkey business

Posted by Kimberly on October 28, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times

October 28, 2007, page 1 & 2 (637 words)

The Black Eyed Peas rocked the Venetian Arena last night as part of their Black, Blue and You tour, to the tune of 15,000 screaming fans only after arriving on stage 45 minutes later than their 8.30pm time-slot. There was no mention from the group as to the reasons why, once they came on stage, nor were there any apologies.
Yet, with the concert booked out, it was still guaranteed to be a moment in Macau’s history, which began with Will.i.am’s statement of ‘what happens in Macau stays in Macau.’
And the Peas didn’t disappoint, singing most of their favourite songs and even some from the solo albums of Fergie and Will.i.am.
Of course starting with a song like ‘My Humps’ was always going to get the party started. Yet the Macau audience seemed to be a little slow in warming up to the group’s efforts to raise the roof. Perhaps it was a case of not believing such an event was finally taking place here.
Fergie’s rendition of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ was almost as good as the the Gunners’ original while the Peas’ rendition of ‘Shut Up’ saw the song take on a more funky and fast-paced sound. Read the rest of this entry »

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Asia Pacific PR Summit looks at Macau as example

Posted by Kimberly on October 28, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
October 28, 2007, page 2 (202 words)

The annual Asia Pacific PR summit came to a close on Friday at the Florence Room of the Venetian Macao.
The summit brought together independent public relations (PR) firms for this region of the worldwide association of PR firms. With the summit having taken place over three days, it allowed members the opportunity to to hear speakers talk on such issues as involving the environment, with a Greenpeace speaker, as well as professors from Hong Kong and Mainland China. The latter spoke about the PR industry in Hong Kong and China and Macau’s role. As well, workshops were also held to allow for interaction between members and to witness the industry in Macau and the events that are allowing for public relation opportunities to take place here.
Countries involved in the summit included Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, who had three companies representing the country, Philippines, South Korea, Japan Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Thailand.
As Nicky Kemp, Director of PR Plus Ltd in Hong Kong said, “some of the members have clients here in Macau, such as the Venetian.”
The worldwide association, added Ms Kemp, “has been around for twenty years” with last week’s summit being attended by a record 45 delegates.

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