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Bringing a regional flavour to the HUSH festival

Posted by Kimberly on September 30, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
September 30, 2007, page 6 (650 words)

Despite the fact that both bands have yet to play in Macau until their invitation to play at HUSH today, Filipino band Kjwan and One Buck Short (OBS) from Kuala Lumpur, are no strangers to the music scene.
The quintet and quartet respectively, have done the rounds of musicians, playing gigs within their own countries as well as regionally, and creating albums to attract a new audience and hold on to their existing fans.
“We’re really looking forward to playing for the first time in Macau,” said Jorel Corpus, Kjwan’s guitarist.
Rahul Kukreja, OBS’s guitarist and vocalist agreed adding that “we really excited to be a part of the festival. We heard a lot about it from last year.”
This also happens to be the first time both a Malaysian and a Philippines band have performed at the festival, which is shaping up to be nine hours of pure entertainment.
Kjwan’s drummer J-Hoon Balbuena describe’s the band’s music as a mixture of RnB and rock, with “a lot of drum and bass and heavy grooves,’ while OBS’s style seems to be influenced by several bands and is a “pop funk kind of thing,” said the band’s vocalist, Mooky (Mundzir Abdul Latif).
Kjwan will be performing about six to eight songs for the festival, some from their self-titled EP and others lifted from their latest album released last year, ‘2StepMarv’, which got wide attention in Manila.
Speaking about two of the songs, vocalist Marc Abaya calls ‘Invitation’ a song about “a crazy stalker.” Shai, on the other hand, “doesn’t sound like a love song but it is.
“I think the band suffers from my meaning,” he added suggesting that their songs are about every day dance “nothing too profound.”
Fans of OBS will no doubt be looking forward to the band’s first full length album, ‘Halal and Lovin’ It’ due for release in November.
“At the end of the day we just want to see them [the audience] smile and have fun with the band,” said Mooky.
The band certainly seem to have plenty to smile about, what with sharing the stage with such names as Good Charlotte, the Black Eyed Peas and most recently, Fall Out Boy.
They’ll be  looking to follow that with other big shows, with ‘My Chemical Romance’ in December and ‘Panic At The Disco’ after that.
“We’re trying to do as much regional shows as possible and later on go to Australia, New Zealand and Europe,” said Rahul, with drummer Imran Fadzil adding “I want to go to Japan!”
Kjwan made their musical impact in 2003 rising through the ranks having most recently won in their category at the ASEAN Ikon Finals. The event pits professional artists from Indonesia, the Philippines and host country Malaysia against each other.
“We were in college all from different bands,” recalled Marc.
“We started calling each other and I conned them into it so we jammed and wrote a couple of songs,” he added, with the 2004 EP being produced themselves and their third album in the process of being written.
Asked the reason behind the band’s unusual name, the request was met with laughter. It really just means ‘the thingy’ in Filipino, apparently an expression people use a lot.
OBS’s name was even simpler, according to Rahul who said, “I had a sheet of paper [of names] and One Buck Short just sounded the coolest.”
As for the future, it seems pretty bright for both bands with the next year no doubt creating an impact beyond their respective countries and yet, home is where their hearts will be for now.
“To be honest we still haven’t conquered our own country, “ said a Kjwan member while OBS’s Mooky added, “we just want to make our country proud at the end of the day.”
More information on Kjwan can be found at http://www.kjwan.net while OBS have their website at http://www.onebuckshort.com.


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  1. leki said

    kjwan makes all kinds o’ music smokin’ and sexeh! yey! congratulations!

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