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A collection of articles created during my stint as a journalist at The Macau Daily Times

Mobile “3” opens third store right next to the opposition

Posted by Kimberly on September 29, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
September 29, 2007, page 4 (200 words)

The third store for mobile company “3” was opened yesterday to much fanfare.
Located on Rua do Dr. Pedro Jose Lobo, the store is conveniently located right next door to CTM.
Speaking with the Macau Daily Times, Ms Elizabeth Fong, CEO of 3 mobile said of the store’s location, “this is San Ma Lo, a very business, communications, banking and tourist area” while she described the Soi Hang Mei area as “more residential.”
She added that the reason for the location also came about after undertaking a series of surveys where respondents had questioned why the company had not opened a store “somewhere more convenient.”
Asked why 3 mobile had chosen to locate their latest store right next door to the competition, Ms Fong’s response was, “this is an open market” adding that “this street is also very good for high traffic.”
As well as the three free-standing stores, the mobile company also has three mobile stations within Watson’s chemists around Macau.
Hutchison Telephone (Macau) as the company is called, established a presence in Macau in 2001. The Company re-branded its mobile services under the “3” brand in November 2005.
It is the second largest provider in the Macau market.


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