Portfolio of Kimberly Johans

A collection of articles created during my stint as a journalist at The Macau Daily Times

Luso and Starmaker shoot for the stars

Posted by Kimberly on September 26, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
September 26, 2007, page 5 (755 words)

Luso began the show, shooting low on the water before rising up with the increasing tempo of the accopanying music, before it seemed like a barrage turning into a fan that fan the sky.
Then, slow bursts of red and gold stars followed before the lot that followed seemed to end up in every direction before turning into defined stars twinkling in the night sky.
A multitude of red stars flew up and dispersed, before falling in a rain of gold.
Suddenly a shower of silver stars fell followed by more a more defined shower of gold that seemed more gently in its descent.
Multi-coloured stars rose like a fan before burning into gold one after another and red fireflys seemed to appear out of nowhere.
Then, small bursts fell like mini showers from the sky in tune to the slow music before the wind carried them off, gently dissipating as they went.
Suddenly bursts of bright pink singularly sprang forth before a barrage began again, of pink and silver that went on for at least ten seconds.
Then silence.
The music began to change to a slightly more upbeat tempo, which was reflected in the beautiful fireworks that shot out in every direction and fell like gold showers later, which appeared to add a bright tinge of gold to the night sky.
Then, bursts of red and silver mixed singularly, flew up and spread before dissipating into stars.
This particular lot seemed to increase exponentially, bigger and bigger with heart-thumping noise to match.
Bjork’s ‘It’s all so quiet’ began, each firework that accompanied this song, seemingly bigger than the previous one.
Suddenly the tempo changed and the barrage began again, straight up and bursting wide in red and gold.
A multitude of fireworks dispersed colours of red, blue and gold in every direction, bigger and brighter than their predessesors.
Then another brief silence followed before slow slinging fireworks of red and blue began the next part of the show, folowed by green and gold.
All the while, wide bursts of multi-coloured fireworks burst up above.
Then, beautiful pink stars spread across the sky, only to fall gently to the water, dispersing wide as they did so, followed by contained bursts of silver, red and gold.
Upwards showers of gold sprang forth next, while the same rose up and fell gently. Higher up, gold again followed this pattern, before being blown away by the gentle wind.
Classical music began, the riotious kind, that seemed to be echoed in the constant bursts of slim gold that flew in three separate directions, one after another, spreading far and wide before ending in a loud boom.
Silence resumed briefly, before a rapid shot of gold fans flew forth, from left to right and back again, heading higher each time, followed by singular shots of multi colours, of red and green and pink.
The finale consisted of bursts of blue, a barrage of them before the same in pink arrived, followed by green and red and gold, then silver, each louder and bigger and brighter. They seemed to reach right towards the audience before a loud bang ended the spectacle.
Starmaker got right into it, with an immediate spread of red, geen and gold, before bringing forth the gold showers.
Their fireworks seemed to spread just as wide and high as Luso with the team favouring gold and red.
The rat-a-tat of shooting stars also made their presense known on several occasions, streaming forth from left to right and back again.
Several also began low on the barge, before shooting straight upwards and outwards in every direction.
The wind seemed to disperse the fireworks rather slowly, creating clouds of gold or red at certain times. At one point, red lantern-like fireworks seemed to drift right over to the Sai Van bridge before dissipating into the night sky.
Starmakers’ music of choice, notably Bond’s classical tunes and Evanescence’s ‘Bring me to Life’ seemed to match the tempo of the fireworks they were shooting at the time, although with the way of the wind, this would have been quite difficult.
At one stage it seemed like pure pandemonium, a stream of fireworks of all varieties bursting forth and up while a screaming flock of what looked like gold locusts spread around the middle.
Starmaker were intending to use fireworks to spell out the word ‘Macau’ but that didn’t seemed to have occured. That may have been due to the wind but it certainly would have made an impact had it happened.


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