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A collection of articles created during my stint as a journalist at The Macau Daily Times

When fine foods and Penfolds create the perfect match

Posted by Kimberly on September 13, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
September 13, 2007, page 5 (615 words)

Crown Macau is taking cuisine to another level with its promotion of Penfolds wine and fine food pairings.
Over the next three days, award-winning executive chef of Penfolds Magill state Restaurant in Adelaide, Jerome Tremoulet will be gracing Aurora with his presence and knowledge of Australian wines.
Since landing at Penfolds in 2005, the [perhaps] 37-year-old has been dishing out classic French fare and putting to good use his extensive experience garnered throughout France, Switzerland, England, America, and Australia.
Previously at the Four Seasons Hotel in Newport Beach, California, he describes Adelaide as having “a pretty good lifestyle.
“Very nice, no traffic. They have a great market with the Central Market. It’s very liveable,” he adds.
Since becoming an Australian citizen 11 years ago, Jerome conveniently changes from a French to an Australian national on certain occasions.
“When the French lose I am Australian!” he says laughingly.
Having previously done a promotion with Crown Macau’s Director of Kitchens, Kristoffer Luczak, Jerome was asked to be a part of the promotion here, having never travelled to either Hog Kong or Macau.
As for the menu, “we’re changing [it] when I get back so these are dishes I took from the new menu,” he says.
“We’ve already done them weeks ago. We try to match the wine and the food as much as we can so I know what’s working,” he adds.
Having a sommelier at hand helps with selections of the wine, although there was an occasion as recent as last week where the match didn’t work.
“I did a dessert and it didn’t match the wine so I had to change the food. It was a bit too citrusy,” he says, so the dessert was changed to chocolate to match the wine.
He believes more and more people nowadays are becoming familiar with wine and its concepts.
“I remember as a kid in France, we used to go to a restaurant with a carafe of wine and we didn’t know what it was,” he recalls.
“I think people are very aware of regions of wine and all these things,” he says, but adds that “sometimes it’s difficult to remember the name then you have to remember the year and where it comes from.”
Jerome’s style is something he labels “clean plates.
“I like to put not too much flavour on my plate,” he adds.
He cites his greatest influences as being Le Notre chef Guy Krenzer and Crown Melbourne’s Philippe Mouchel.
“From Mouchel I learnt very technical things and with Guy I learnt about passion,” of which he adds, “I think you need to have it but sometimes the way people talk about it…I think people who are good talkers can sell anything,” he says.
Asked about French wine, he admits that over the past few years, his palate has become more Australian.
“I don’t drink French wine anymore,” he says.
“I’m now used to drinking Australian wine. So now when I drink French wine I find it very light. Australian wine has more body,” he adds.
Asked whether he had any goals yet to attain, he declined to comment except for saying that “I’ve got some goals. When you want something to happen you need to work on it. You need to write it down and visualise. I do this all the time and it works.”
Which equates to Jerome always getting what he wants, something he laughingly agrees with.
Places are still available for the events as well as for the fireworks viewing dinner that will take place during the festival until October 1.
Patrons can enjoy some of the best views from Ying restaurant or Crown’s private dining room, the Yi Pavilion.


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