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A collection of articles created during my stint as a journalist at The Macau Daily Times

Return from Oz

Posted by Kimberly on September 3, 2007

I got back last night from my (too brief) trip to Sydney still trying to figure out if it actually happened, it went so fast!

I had made all these arrangements to catch up with people the first day and of course, as they say, the best made plans of mice and men…

So that first day left me catching up with my family and close family friends. By the time it came for me to head out, I was so tired it was the last thing I wanted to do. The next day was somewhat better as I became more productive and shopped for everything I needed, caught up with most of my friends and tried to juggle it all. The weather was perfect and I loved the fact that you didn’t feel like you needed to step into the shower five minutes after stepping out the door!

The day of the wedding arrived and after an hour of peace and quiet (my mother was at the hairdressers) the chaos ensued. It was non-stop activity and it didn’t help with some of the guests arrived before either the bride or groom were ready! I was running around after my mum and only got into the shower when most of the guests were there!

It was a lovely ceremony though and the bride wore sky blue. She was about to start crying I think (I had the video camera) but luckily Paul (her husband) calmed her down. It was wonderful to have all my family there around us on such a happy occasion. I made sure I got each family shot and we managed a huge group shot with a dozen of us which rarely ever happens!

Everyone had questions about what I was doing in China and how much I was enjoying it. I felt like I was the one being interviewed 🙂 Everyone thought it was incredibly exciting and exotic. I doubt anyone would have wanted to hear about the stress or the long work days! One of my cousins has already told me she has contacts at Cleo (or was it Cosmo) and will help me out if I decide to return home. That was sweet…

And the strangest part of it all is that I’ve gone from being an only child to having five step-siblings (3 step sisters and 2 step brothers). And even better…I’m already an aunt four times over. It was really weird having Kirsty tell her daughter Gemma to say goodnight to Aunty Kim…

So there I was thinking I would be crying and begging not to leave home but as I said goodbye to my best friend (Clare) and sat in the plane waiting for it to take off, I actually felt quite peaceful, more than I’ve felt in a long while. I think heading home and speaking with those close to me allowed me some valuable perspective on this experience.

I now know what direction I want to head in and what goals I would like to achieve while I’m here. It makes life a little easier to live 🙂

p.s. I won’t be putting up photos here as I’d like to retain some privacy but happy to email a couple to friends and loved ones.


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