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July 2007-the month they turned off the big tap in the sky

Posted by Kimberly on August 7, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
August 07, 2007, page 5 (436 words)

According to figures provided by the Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau, the month of July was incredibly dry with rain falling on only 9 out of 31 days, and total rainfall being just 39.2 mm.
The highest rainfall levels occurred within the first three days of July, averaging 10.4 mm. The city had two separate full weeks where not a single millimetre of rain fell.
Considering June’s total rainfall was 408.6 mm, it’s as if someone has turned off the tap.
The highest rainfall occurred on July 2 (16.0 mm) while the lowest, that is, at least some rainfall, occurred on July 4 (0.2 mm).
That means that the total average temperature for July was 29.1 degrees Celsius, an increase from June’s average of 28.0 degrees.
The average maximum temperature recorded for July was 32.0 degrees while the average minimum was 27.0 degrees.
The hottest day of the month was July 28 with an average temperature of 30.5 degrees while the coolest was, not surprisingly, July 1, also the day with the highest humidity and the least number of hours of bright sunshine.
Speaking of which, the Bureau measures the number of hours of bright sunshine on a daily basis and shows a total of 314.2 hours in the month of July.
That’s nearly twice the number of hours of June (180.8 hours) and May (167.8 hours).
As would be expected, the highest number of hours correlated with the days that had no rain, with most of those days averaging 11 hours of bright sunshine.
The lowest number of hours occurred on July 1, with 0.1 hours recorded, while July 23 recorded the highest, at 12.5 hours.
The average wind speed for July was 15.0 km/h with the majority being southerly. This has increased gradually over the course of the past three months, with May’s average being 11.8 km/h and June’s being 13.9 km/h.
The month’s windiest day occurred on July 18 at 23 km/h. The least windy day, at 9 km/h was on July 30.
July was incredibly humid with an average relative humidity of 79.0 percent, although not as humid as June, which averaged 84.6 percent and May, which averaged 81.6 percent.
The most obvious reason for the reduced humidity is the lack of rain which exacerbates the problem.
This is seen in the fact that the two most humid days, July 1(91 percent) and 2 (90 percent) happen to correlate with the month’s highest levels of rainfall, at 10.2 mm and 16.0 mm respectively.
Finally, the average sea level pressure for July was 1007.2 hectoPascals (hPa) up from June’s average of 1006.6 hPa.


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