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A collection of articles created during my stint as a journalist at The Macau Daily Times

Susana Chou awarded Knight of the Legion of Honour

Posted by Kimberly on August 3, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
3, 2007, page 3 (463 words)

Ms Susana Chou, President of the Legislative Assembly and a founder of the Alliance Francaise in Macau was awarded the title of Officer of the Legion of Honour yesterday, by the Consul General of France in Hong Kong and Macau, Mr Jean-Pierre Thebault, during a ceremony held at Wynn casino.
The order is awarded to a select few for excellent civil or military conduct delivered, upon official investigation.
Ms Chou was attended by several key persons including Mr Edmund Ho, Chief Executive of the Macau S.A.R and Mr Sam Hou Fai, President of the Court of Final Appeal Macau S.A.R.
“Ms Susana Chou has many titles to be recognised.
“Not only is she a distinguished person but also her whole career is proof that her relationship both in Macau and France are both long established, deep and sincere,” said Mr Thebault.
He added that Ms Chou had played an important role not only as a successful business person in the family business, but also when she was elected to the Legislative Assembly, particularly when Macau changed hands to return to China.
“So all these responsibilities and her personal commitment led her to be the President of the Legislative Assembly in 1999.
“As the President you are on of the leading persons of Macau where your natural authority but also your competence and your talents are admired by everybody,” he said.
Mr Thebault explained that this was not the first French decoration awarded to Ms Chou.
She had previously received the class of Chavalier or Knight of the Legion of Honour in 2002 and Officer is the next stage of the process.
“Since 1968 you have kept a long lasting relationship with France,” said Mr Thebault.
“You accepted, very generously, to be the honorary Consul General of France in Macau in 1996 and you stayed until 1999 when you had to step down because of the most important duties you had to perform.
“Even though you are honorary consul general no more, you always kept that special relationship with France, even though you had to be neutral because of your new position.
“But you were always welcoming, you were always giving and supporting in your personal capacity.
“And I think also you are one of the persons who have the longest commitment with France in Macau.
“And this commitment, this personal passion, needs to be recognised,” he said.
Only two other Macau residents have been awarded the title of Knight of the Legion of Honour: Jorge Neto Valente, a lawyer who helped build the Alliance Francaise and promote cultural events in Macau and Alan Ho, nephew of Stanley Ho, who was crowned Knight in memory of his later father, but also due to his willingness to help Alliance Francaise financially during hard times.


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