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Flying Viva to Sydney

Posted by Kimberly on August 29, 2007

I’ve got about four hours before I head off to the airport for Sydney. It’s only for four days but you can’t imagine how much I’ve been looking forward to this trip.

I just home I don’t get too home-sick when I’m there because it will make it all the harder to leave when the time comes.

I’ve pretty much got myself in the holiday mood but almost had a wall with not getting paid before I left. Thankfully that’s sorted out and I can try not to spend what very little we earn 🙂

Amazingly no one here seems to want anything but I’m expecting a couple of last minute sms’s so let’s see! I’m definitely required to bring back some Tim Tams and Natural Confectionery Company jellies.

With Viva Macau’s soooo generous 20kg limit (including hand luggage) I’m going to struggle on my way back. Hell, I’m struggling on my way over and I’m hardly taking anything…

I had a very early 9am interview today at Morton’s Steakhouse (apparently fabulously popular in the US and Asia) whom I’d never heard of but realised why when I looked at the menu prices…the gentlemen were extremely friendly and approachable nonetheless and I walked away with a signed copy of their cook book and a free dinner there for when I return (which I’ll be taking one of my work mates to as well. I think it’s Sara’s or Nigel’s turn…)

I’m looking forward to the wedding mind you. While it will be a happy day all around, it also means that I don’t have to worry so much about my mum anymore. She’s not the best person to be left on her own and this way I know there’s someone to look out for her when I’m not there.

Anyway, gotta go and enjoy my holiday rather than be in front of a computer (again!) Will write about my experiences next week 🙂


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Cats tickets go in flash

Posted by Kimberly on August 28, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
August 28, 2007, page 9 (411 words)

It truly is the early bird that catches the worm as The Macau Daily Times was informed yesterday that 90 percent of show tickets for the musical Cats has already been sold out.
A representative from the Macau Cultural Centre confirmed that when ticket sales opened at 10am, between the space of five hours, 80 percent of the show’s tickets had already been sold.
At the current time, the remaining 10 percent of the tickets, either MOP100 or MOP200, are made up of the cheapest and therefore least advantageable viewpoints.
Speaking to the representative at the centre, it is believed that the tickets walked out the door as soon as the Centre’s CCM Friends’ pre-sale period began yesterday.
That is no mean feat considering that CCM Friends only total about 1,000 people and the show, to  be held at the centre’s Grand Auditorium, is scheduled to run over four days.
The pre-sale period was expected to run until September 9 with the early bird period to open between September 10 and October 30. Read the rest of this entry »

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Alan Tam to sing at Venetian opening

Posted by Kimberly on August 28, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
August 28, 2007, page 3 (401 words)

Alan Tam, the quintessential king of Cantopop, will be playing at the opening of the Venetian tonight, says a source close to The Macau Daily Times.
Tam, a former member of the popular Hong Kong band Wynners, will be accompanied by Evolution, Sands Macao’s in-house band.
He is expected to fly in from the United States, bringing his trademark love songs for the ride.
Born in 1950, Tam became well known in the 1980s for singing love ballads with a modern arrangement.
Starting out as a member of Wynners, Tam soon realised his career would travel down a better road as a solo artists, after much conflict with fellow band member Kenny Bee, also a well-known singer.
His first album as a solo artists, ‘Naughty Boy’ came out in 1979 and the song ‘Love in Autumn’ became a success when first performed in 1984.
Tam established a foothold on the Cantopop scene with songs such as ‘Embrace’, ‘Flower in Water’ and the popular ‘Love Trap’. Read the rest of this entry »

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Combining work and pleasure for the greater good

Posted by Kimberly on August 27, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
August 27, 2007, page 6 (1,029 words)


Picture this scenario. A young woman stands at a local bus stop staring at a map with tears welling up in her eyes. It might seem a little over-dramatised but it’s not an uncommon scene for those who’ve uprooted their lives to come live in Macau. Confronted with a country they know little about and a language they don’t understand, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.
That’s where the International Ladies Club of Macau (ILCM) comes into the picture.
Sure, there are the monthly morning coffees and book club meetings, the drinks at the end of every month and the weekly mahjong sessions.
None of these events should be discounted, as they provide an essential means of social interaction for those so new to Macau, they don’t even know where Senado Square is.
But the Club is so much more than that. Read the rest of this entry »

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Weekend of August 25th-26th

Posted by Kimberly on August 25, 2007

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