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Venetian job fair attracts the ambitious and the hopeful

Posted by Kimberly on July 17, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
July 17 2007, page 2 (1,176 words)

While May was the month for potential candidates to be employed within the Venetian Macao, the month of July has provided an opportunity for those wanting to work within the casino’s retail divisions.
The Venetian Job Fair was held over two days, ending yesterday, with what Mr Justin Dangerfield, Retail Manager within Mall Management for the casino, terms a success.
“We’ve been very pleased with the response that we’ve had from Macau residents.
“Our aim in this has been to help our retail partners find Macau residents to work in their businesses in the Grand Canal Shoppes and feedback from the retailers has been very positive.
“Our numbers are around our expectations.
“We were hoping to achieve about 5,000 people over the two days and we appear on track for that at this point in time,” he said.
With the fair expected to close at 8pm last night, official figures had not yet been collated in regards to attendants.
Retailers had to travel back to Hong Kong, with their responses to the casino’s survey not yet received.
Mr Dangerfield expects to have this completed by the end of the week.
The fair was organised by Patricia Kho, Director of JP Pro Group, which Mr Dangerfield called “a fantastic production company,” who had done “a wonderful job for us.”
“[Along with] our own internal teams, our HR, our security, our food and beverage, we’ve pulled this together in less than four weeks,” he said.
Asked whether the retailers were focussing mainly on Macau residents or China as a whole, Mr Dangerfield said, “we can’t dictate to them who they do and don’t employ.
“Venetian itself has a very clear Macau-first policy but as for our retailers, we put this on to help them find Macau residents.
“It’s not so much what Venetian requires in this instance, it’s what the retailers require,” he said.
Another query of note was the quality of the applicants and retailers’ expectations of them.
“Some of them have been saying yes, they’re very pleased with the quality of applicants they have got.
“Some of them have said they didn’t find the type of people that they were after. We’ve had a very broad cross-section of jobs going here.
“If you were an optometrist you could have got a job here today,” he said.
And according to Mr Dangerfield, the cross-section goes all the way from kitchen hands through to accountants.
“Some of our high end retailers such as jewellery, looking for senior managers haven’t found as many people as they would like but others, like our food and beverage operators, have been very pleased with the response,” he said.
The fair had been considered the “best way to get critical mass,” according to Mr Dangerfield.
“Feedback from our retailers had been, that we’re advertising but not getting enough people and those types of things, so we said OK, let’s try and get them together in one place,” he said.
Venetian’s own job fair in late May attracted in excess of 14,000 applicants, “so that was a very good indication to us that Macau residents will come to this type of function,” said Mr Dangerfield.
The job fair was advertised via the media as well as radio advertisements and leaflets.
As far as job popularity goes, according to Mr Dangerfield, “our food and beverage operators are looking for the most staff. They seem to have been the busiest.
‘We had a jeweller here yesterday that was only looking to employ two people. He got five applications and he felt that was enough and off he went. He’s not back today,” he said, adding that as polling had not been done yet, he couldn’t give an exact response.
Asked whether any of the candidates had received job offers over the two days, Mr Dangerfield said, “I know for a fact that one employer offered a person a job on the spot yesterday and signed them up.
“Some people have been called back for second interviews today.
“But it’s up to each individual retailer how they want to do it,” he said.
The Macau Daily Times spoke to a few of the candidates about their chances for success and reasons for coming to the job fair.
“I wanted to see if there were any positions which would suit me.
“But I’m not going to apply for any because most of the retail positions are in jewlery and catering services,” said Ms Lai, a Macau resident.
“I used to work in beauty salon but they don’t offer any jobs in this occupation,” she said adding that she would have liked a job in sales but not related to the casino side.
She also felt that the requirements were high.
“I just stood in front of the counters for a while and someone already spoke to me in English.
“I didn’t even ask for more details as I think I won’t be the right person for them,” she said.
Ms Yambot, a local resident originally from the Philippines, said that while she currently works at a spa, she was informed of the fair by a friend.
“I’m applying for a spa therapist position in Venetian as I can do body massages and foot massages, things like that,” she said adding that she was capable of speaking simple Cantonese which she considered to be an advantage.
“I came here because of the good money I can make.
“I think they’ll ask me what kinds of work experiences I’ve had and certainly my current job can fulfil their needs,” she said.
Lastly, ms Leong, a recent high school graduate from Macau applied for the salesperson and waitress positions.
She said she was attracted to the job interviews because “it’s not common to have such a big job fair in Macau and it seems that the Venetian is eagerly looking for talents to fill in their large amount of vacancies.”
She also believed that as Macau had a shortage of labour, local residents would most likely be given priority ahead of foreign applicants, as Mr Dangerfield confirmed.
“The high wage is certainly one of the most attractive points,” she said, adding that the individual interview she’d had on Sunday had lasted five minutes where, “they asked what kinds of experiences I’ve had and the reason of applying for the jobs.
“I had been asked to introduce myself in English,” she said, adding that more people had come for interviews on the first day.
“I saw that most of the Philippinos were looking for restaurant positions, while locals were mostly looking for jobs in the retail sector,” she said.
She was quite optimistic about getting one of the jobs, as the reatiler had already called her the day before, explaining the wages she would receive and requesting her presence at a second interview.
With such a high response rate and the potential for a large majority of the positions to be filled on the spot, we may well see this concept echoed when other casinos get ready to open their doors.


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