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A collection of articles created during my stint as a journalist at The Macau Daily Times

Hundreds party on as July 4th cook-out voted a culinary hit

Posted by Kimberly on July 5, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
July 05 2007, page 6 (768 words)


The sporadic rain did nothing to deter revellers at the July 4th cook-out last night, held at the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre.
With last year’s event resulting in about 200 people, this year’s event was a complete success, with more than 500 people attending.
General Manager of Macau Tower Mr Mark Horan was pleased with the turnout, labelling the cook-out ‘very successful.”
“We’ve had more people than expected. We had 300 reservations but we sat for 500 people and pretty much all the tables are taken,” he said.
He had previously stated that the lack of advertising last year resulted in lower than expected numbers, with this year’s advertising of the event rectifying that issue.
“I think also AmCham [the American Chamber of Commerce] was a big help because they brought more awareness in Hong Kong.
“There are actually a couple of groups of people from Hong Kong that came over for it.
“A lot of times it’s the expectation people have, to get people to come from Hong Kong to Macau takes some convincing to spend the money, come on the ferry.
“Some people that were here last year are testament to how nicely it was done so the word spread,” he said.
The Macau Daily Times spoke to several of those present about their opinions of the event.
“I’ve been here for about five and a half weeks,” said Barbara, a new resident from the United States.
“This is my first party in Macau. I’m enjoying myself I have to say.
“We’ve had a little bit of rain unfortunately but other than that the party’s been a lot of fun,” she said.
Mr John Anderson, from Guam said, “I come here often on business and as a tourist as well and am enjoying Macau. I’m enjoying this as well.
“We found out about it from a flyer off the internet.
“This is pretty elaborate. The 4th of July is pretty much family picnics and this is a pretty fancy crowd. I think it’s great,” he said.
Roger, a gentleman from New Zealand also enjoyed the event.
“It’s a very nice event. We’re having a great time. I think the foods been very good, the entertainments good,” he said.
“Everyone’s been having a real good time and I think it’s been a really successful event,” he said.
Mr Miguel Fernandes said, “The event is good despite of the rain. This proves that you have a very popular American culture here. People are enjoying the idea of 4th of July.
“It proves that Macau has the potential to be a multicultural city,” he said.
“It’s been really well organised. The food is spectacular,” said Sarah, another guest.
The food was well received by almost all the guests, with many praising the skill of the chef.
“The foods pretty American,” said Barbara.
Mr Anderson called the food “outstanding” while Roger wasn’t sure how American the food was.
“I think the food’s very Western. I’m from NZ myself so i don’t know what American food should be but it’s very westernised and I’m enjoying it. A very nice meal,” he said.
Henry, a guest from Hong Kong, wasn’t as taken with the event, particularly the music.
“Music for me I like soft music. I like to talk to my friends and have it quiet. The food is OK,” he said, although he, like the others interviewed, were adamant about returning next year.
“Yeah because I have many friends here so I will come again,” he said.
“This is only the second year they’ve done it. They’ve done really well,” said Mr Anderson, adidng that he would “definitely” return.
Roger said that he would return “many times” while Mr Fernandes’ response was also “definitely! Maybe the rain will co-operate,” he said.
Mr Horan was equally relieved that the rain had decided to hold off, for the most part.
“The result is very positive and very happy. thank God the rain hasn’t come down to hard.
“You can see the people enjoying themselves because it’s rained a couple of times but they’ve put on their parkers rather than leave and enjoying the music and the food,” he said.
Next year’s event may well have fireworks, according to Mr Horan.
“Next year there’s talks of more sponsors perhaps to get approval for fireworks out on the river. I think that won’t be a problem,” he said.
With the success of this year’s event as a measure, and talk of possible fireworks next year, Macau Tower’s outdoor area may not be ample enough to hold the many more guests sure to attend.


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