Portfolio of Kimberly Johans

A collection of articles created during my stint as a journalist at The Macau Daily Times

Playboy casino only a bunny-hop away

Posted by Kimberly on June 29, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
June 29, 2007, page 4 (527 words)

With Hugh Hefner looking to gain a foothold in China for some time, it seems his Playboy Mansion Macau, part of a $2 billion resort scheduled to open late next year, will finally do the trick.
Morgan Parker, President of Taubman Asia, spoke to the Macau Daily Times about his opinions on the project, calling it “one of our many anchors.”
“They are effectively our first tenant.
“They’ve leased a significant amount of space within the shopping centre environment. They are up on the level above the shopping centre but their entrance is down in the shopping centre.
“The idea is that Playboy is one of our many anchors of the shopping centre. Of course the casino itself is the major anchor to the shopping centre,” he said.
Asked why he believed Playboy considered Macau as a possible site for their casino, Mr Parker said, “you’ve got to think about Macau and what it’s going to become.
“I think the idea of bringing in Playboy and other heavily branded concepts to Macau is really to create sustainable businesses.
“The branding and concepts that are well-established in other parts of the world and have stood the test of time and have become institutions…they’ve proven to be synergistic with other forms of entertainment, be it casinos, be it live shows or be it even shopping as a form of entertainment,” he said.
He added that for Taubman Asia, Playboy was a critical ingredient.
“I’m very excited that they are actually part of our complement now.
“So for me it’s an important milestone for what we’re doing and it will really help contribute to the overall sense of glamour and excitement that Macau Studio City stands for,” he said.
Mr Parker believed that Playboy offered a direct response to the customer profile in Macau.
“The reality of Macau’s customer profile is that it is essentially a male-dominated visitation and I think that the product that Playboy creates will resonate very well with the Macau visitor profile,” he said.
The very first Playboy club in the world was opened at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas in October last year and was the first club to open in 25 years.
“I was actually fortunate enough to go and check it out.
“It’s a terrific club and bar and casino environment.
“It’s just basically what you would expect, providing all sorts of usual entertainment with the Playboy overlay, that I think, in a market like Asia, will be even more successful,” said Mr Parker.
He added that from a retailing point of view, the Asian consumer was very brand-centric.
“Brands that are conspicuous and are very out there, if you like, like Playboy is.
“They resonate very well with the Asian consumer,” he said.
He added that in addition to the club, there will also be a store selling merchandise such as the famous branded clothing.
The casino will feature pools, grottos, restaurants, a hotel, gambling tables and the ubiquitous ‘bunnies’.
The Playboy casino will span 3,700 square metres with Macau Studio City.
The mansion will be modelled on the original Playboy Mansion in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles.


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