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A collection of articles created during my stint as a journalist at The Macau Daily Times

Rh negative blood desperately needed

Posted by Kimberly on June 12, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
June 12 2007, page 4 (458 words)


The Macau Blood Transfusion Centre is urging those with Rh negative blood types, specifically Caucasians, to come forward and give blood, says the Centre’s Director, Dr Crystal Hui.
That means anyone with a blood type of O-, A-, B- or AB-, the rarest of all blood types, is encouraged to come to the centre and give blood.
“The Caucasians have more Rh negatve blood groups and at the moment we need them.
“Those kinds of blood are only more frequent in the Caucasian populations. Around 15 percent have that blood group but in the Chinese it’s only about 5 in every thousand people.
“At the moment we need the negative blood more than anything else,” said Dr Hui.
While Thursday, June 14 marks World Blood Donor Day, Dr Hui hopes this won’t be the only time Macau residents come and give blood.
“We hope they won’t come on that day only. We hope they come everyday,” she said, although she adds that the campaign over the past few days has helped increase donor levels.
“On average we get around 30 people a day. These few days because of the activities we’ve been getting around 50 a day. It’s a higher amount than we need at the moment,” she said.
The Centre recently held the finals of a talent performance to showcase what some of their regular donors could do and included performances in tai chi, singing and dancing.
A computer game design competition was also organsied with the prize giving ceremony occurring at the same time as the finals.
Over 50 entries were received, of which Dr Hui said, “some entries were of exceptionally high quality.”
“On World Blood Donor Day we celebrate the blood donors which every year save millions of lives and bring relief to patients with cancer, malaria, blood diseases and a number of other diseases,” said Dr Hui, adding that without blood patients would die.
Co-sponsored by the World Health Organisation, the day has become an international event.
Dr Hui said that the day created an opportunity to highlight the necesssity of giving blood as well as “to highlight the fact that voluntary, non-paid blood donors are the foundation of a safe blood supply.”
A Blood Donor Volunteer Corps was recently formed, having completed a two-month program to help promote the service activities of the Blood Transfusion Centre.
“We hope through them, new ideas will be injected into the promotion activities and the voluntary blood donor pool will be increased steadily,” said Dr Hui.
There has been no financial incentive for blood donors in Macau since 1988.
Currently Macau has 28,000 individuals registered with the Centre which meets the country’s average annual demand of 8,000 units of blood, but this is never a certainty.


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