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Little artists trot out their stuff for Children’s Day

Posted by Kimberly on June 2, 2007

By Kimberly Johans
Published in The Macau Daily Times
June 02, 2007, page 4 (616 words)

In celebration of International Children’s Day, the Macau Museum of Art will be having its 4th annual celebration, hosting Colourful Voice – Little Artists 2007.
The grand opening of the exhibition will take place today at 3.00pm on the gound floor gallery, displaying almost 100 works, including Colorful Umbrellas, Vivid Facial Expressions and Tie-dyed Garments, created by children aged five to ten years old from the Children’s art course class of Spring 2007.
According to Miss Bela Ho, curator of the exhibition, “the Macau Museum of Art has held courses for children since 1999, and it is hoped that their creations can be on display in exhibitions as a conclusion of their results of the course.
“International children’s day undoubtedly is a good timing to launch such a kind of programme.”
The children’s art course has been highly acclaimed by parents since its inauguration, guiding students through various games, stories and picture appreciation exercises related to the theme of the course.
Encouragement is also given to the children to investigate the challenges brought by multimedia and utilise their senses and perceptions to give them inspiration and spark their innate imagination and creativity.
“From the point of art education and promotion, we hope such kinds of activities attract children together with their parents to visit our museum as well as foster children’s interest in art,” says Miss Ho.
Previous student works have been entered in international completions and exhibitions, amassing many awards.
In 2006, the Macau Museum of Art submitted outstanding works for the Finland International Children’s Art Competition.
Three prizes were won, with over 7,400 works from 58 particpating countries and regions were entered into the prestigious event.
Competition winners will be awarded due recognition at the opening ceremony of the Colourful Voice exhibition today.
While this particular exhibition is limited to creations by children under the age of twelve, Miss Ho says, “throughout the year, we have programmes specially designed for different segments, such as children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.”
Miss Ho hopes that parents will also be attracted “so as to foster their habit to visit a museum in their leisure time.”
As the Museum has held their art courses since 1999, “exhibitons of children’s works is a logical result,” says Miss Ho.
Between 300 and 400 people are expected by the Museum to join them in the two half-day activities.
“We hope that such activities can be held routinely in the following years,” says Miss Ho.
Other programmes on offer include Windmill Spin, where participants are invited to create a collage of a windmill using colourful paper.
There is also Animals on Noah’s Ark where participants can create three-dimensional coloured animals, using the medium of painting and collage.
Graffiti Board encourages children to paint vivid images at their leisure on a large drawing board using a variety of pigments.
Finally, audiences are offered the enjoyment of an animation short by cult movie director Tim Burton, titled Frankenweenie, about a boy who harnesses the power of thunder and lightening to shock his beloved dead dog into life, subsequently scaring the neighbours.
Students of the animation workshop of Macau Museum of Art are then given the opportunity to alter the ending to their satisfaction using computer animation.
Activities will be held from 2.30pm to 5.30pm both today and tomorrow. As all activities are free, parents and their children are encouraged to join.
Each participant in the exhibition is awarded a Little Artist’s Visual Note Package’ as a souvenir allowing them to further foster their creativity.
The Macau Museum of Art is situated next to the Macau Cultural Centre on Av. Xian Xing Hai, NAPE. For further enquiries, please contact the Museum on (853) 7919814.


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